Scrap Books

Scrapbooks are physical journals that don't rely too heavily on words, digital photos or videos, and instead contain mementos, objects and documents that we have received, used or bought through our lives. Scrapbooks can be used like diaries. For example, you could collect train, bus or plane tickets to document where you have traveled, as well as any tickets, business cards or even receipts from the attractions or businesses that you visited along the way. Rhino Stationery scrapbooks can also be used in the classroom for great creative activities.

  • Rhino

    RHINO Scrap Book, 36 pages

  • Rhino

    RHINO Scrap Book, 24 Pages

  • Rhino

    RHINO Scrap Book, 80 Page Multi Coloured Sugar Paper

  • RHINO 300x300mm 20 leaf - Cuttings album with black heavy embossed cover and heavy ribbed black pages


    RHINO Cuttings Album 300x300mm 20 Leaf - Black heavy embossed cover and heavy ribbed black pages

  • Hard Backed Spiral Scrapbook 30x30cm 40 Leaf, Black 280gsm
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    Westmorland Cuttings Album 300x300mm 40 Leaf - Black heavy embossed cover and heavy duty black card


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