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 Photo by Save the Rhino International



  • Each year we donate a minimum donation of £6,000 to Save the Rhino International (UK registered charity number 1035072) and we have donated over £80,000 to Save the Rhino International since 2006


  • Save the Rhino International is a small and vibrant charity that works to protect all five rhino species in Africa and Asia and support thecommunities that share their habitat. You can visit to find out more about their work and exciting ways you can get involved


By buying Rhino Stationery you are helping us to save the rhino, but you can make an extra donation along with that which we already give by clicking the donate link at the bottom of this page, text SAVE18 £3 to 70070 to donate £3 or by visiting You can find out more about Save the Rhino and what their work does to help the rhino population below. 

UK registered charity number 1035072.


By 2026, rhinos could be extinct in the wild. Poaching for their horns is the biggest threat to the rhino’s survival, with the number of rhinos killed increasing 7,600% since 2007. Wildlife trafficking (the third largest illegal trade after drugs and arms) destroys wildlife, threatens global security and affects employment of poorer local communities. Save the Rhino International is a small and vibrant charity that works to protect all five rhino species in Africa and Asia and support the communities that share their habitat.

By funding anti-poaching and monitoring patrols, environmental education, community conservation and demand reduction activities, Save the Rhino International’s goal is to deliver long-lasting and widespread benefits to rhinos, ecosystems and local communities. Rhinos are being driven to extinction; they need your help today. 




Photo by Save the Rhino International


What donations to Save the Rhino can buy?

  • £10 could buy a foam mattress for a ranger to sleep whilst out on patrol 
  • £19 could buy a pair of canvas boots for a ranger
  • £20 could buy a pair of handcuffs to detain a poacher 
  • £25 could funds a day’s food in the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary 
  • £50 could purchase a rain-proof jacket for a ranger 
  • £55 could buy a sleeping bag for a ranger on patrol
  • £75 could fund a month’s supplies and vet care for a tracker dog in Kenya 
  • £100 could buy a metal detector for scene of the crime and anti-poaching work to search for ammunition and snares
  • £120 could purchase a camouflage uniform for a ranger to wear on patrol to assist being hidden in the bush from wildlife and potential poachers 
  • £850 could buy night vision equipment to allow rangers to see while on anti-poaching night-patrols 
  • £1,750 could purchase a vehicle canopy to keep a vehicle disguised in the bush to assist with security operations 



Data published by South African Department of Environmental Affairs (2014)

Why do rhino’s need saving?

  • Rhinos are at risk from poaching (illegal killing), habitat loss, political conflict and climate change 
  • Poaching of rhinos for their horns has dramatically increased and is now the biggest threat to their survival 
  • At the current rate of poaching, rhinos will disappear from our planet by 2026 
  • Wildlife trafficking is the third largest illegal trade after drugs and arms, which not only causes destruction to wildlife, but also threatens global security and affects poor local communities whose livelihoods rely on wildlife 

Why do people poach rhinos?

  • The significant rise in poaching due to increasing demand for rhino horn in Asian countries 
  • Rhino horn is used in traditional Asian medicine and is a status symbol for rich people, but there is no scientific evidence to prove that it works as a medicine 
  • This illegal trade is being carried out by criminal groups who are killing rhinos on a daily basis for billions of dollars a year 


Photo by Save the Rhino International

What does Save the Rhino International do?

  • Works to conserve all five species of rhino found in Africa and Asia
  • Funds field projects and educational programmes to ensure long-lasting and widespread benefits to rhinos, ecosystems and local communities 
  • Aims to increase the number of rhinos so that they are able to breed successfully in the wild. 
  • Works to ensure that ecosystems remain intact 
  • Makes sure communities benefit from conservation activities 

How does Save the Rhino International work?

By supporting conservation activities in Africa and Asia, which include:

  • Anti-poaching patrols to detect and deter poachers 
  • Monitoring of rhino populations and their ranges 
  • Community conservation involving sustainable methods for communities to manage their natural resources 
  • Environmental education to teach children and adults about the importance of preserving natural resources 
  • Translocations of rhinos from larger populations to areas that were once inhabited by rhinos 
  • Demand reduction activities that aim to reduce the demand for rhino horn in Asia such as public awareness campaigns 
  • Veterinary work such as implanting transmitters into horns 
  • Captive breeding programmes that are used to boost rhino populations when they fall to low numbers 

Why save rhinos?

  • Rhinos benefit local people by bringing employment through tourism, conservation jobs and education programmes 
  • By protecting rhinos you are also conserving the wider ecosystem and other animal and plant species that share their habitat 
  • Rhinos are good for human kind, they are an incredible iconic species, that is important to conserve for future generations 
  • Humans are responsible for the decline in rhino numbers and it is of global importance to save them. Illegal wildlife trafficking has serious implications for the security and prosperity of people around the world


World rhino population

White rhino: 20,405
Black rhino: 5,055
Greater one horned rhino: 3,333
Sumatran rhino: >100
Javan rhino: 35-45


You can donate directly through 'Save the Rhino International', click here to see how!


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