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  Greater one-horned rhino (C) Save the Rhino International

A Message from Rhino Stationery's CEO

As of February 2020, Rhino Stationery has donated more than £92,000 to Save the Rhino since 2006! I am delighted to confirm that by 2021, Rhino Stationery will have contributed £100,000 towards the Save the Rhino Charity. 

Our long standing and collaborative partnership has helped support Save The Rhino in their fantastic work in championing rhino conservation. Despite a reduction of poaching in the late 1990s and early 2000s, today an average of two rhinos are poached every day. As owners of the Rhino brand we believe that it is part of our duty to raise awareness of the devastating effects of poaching rhinos. Save the Rhino not only focuses on reducing poaching but also securing sufficient space to boost population numbers in the future. Every Rhino branded exercise book, notebook, pad and flipchart pad purchased by a consumer helps that goal. Furthermore at Rhino Stationery, we aim to assist people of all ages to improve their learning & communication through the use of quality and environmentally conscious paper products.  

Robert Moore
Chief Executive Officer
Victor Stationery (UK) Ltd



Black rhino at Ol Jogi Conservancy, Kenya (C) Save the Rhino International

Save the Rhino International
Rhino poaching has reached crisis point while rhino habitat is shrinking. Today, three of the five species of rhino are Critically Endangered, meaning they face an extremely high chance of extinction in the wild; two of these species have fewer than 80 animals surviving. At Save the Rhino, we believe that we can halt and eventually reverse the twin threats of poaching and habitat loss, so that no species of rhino are at risk of extinction.
Our work began in the early 1990s, and we have been saving rhinos ever since.
Read our story.

All five species of rhino thriving in the wild for future generations.

Collaborating with partners to support endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia.

What we do
To achieve our ambition, we’re working with the most effective people and conservation programmes in Africa and Asia to support rhino populations with every tool we can, and to inspire rhino supporters throughout the world to join us.

We save rhinos
Our top priority is saving rhinos from the twin threats of poaching and habitat loss.
We focus on protecting Critically Endangered rhinos living in some of the most important ecosystems on our planet, and prioritise populations with good genetic diversity that have the best chance of continuing to grow in the future. At the heart of this work is supporting the people tasked with monitoring and protecting the rhinos. We know the value of rangers and anti-poaching units, and one of our greatest priorities is ensuring they have the resources they need to work safely and effectively.

We share information

We share information and help link experts together, so that people working at the front-line of rhino conservation benefit from the best practice, skills and experience. Through training, mentoring workshops or exchange programmes, we help to build capacity within the field programmes we support.

We champion community-led conservation
We’re championing community-led conservation, so people living near rhinos understand the value of rhinos and their habitat to their communities, feel a sense of ownership of and empathy and responsibility for wildlife and wild places, and are inspired to protect them.

We reduce illegal horn trade
We’re tackling the illegal trade in rhino horn at every point in the chain – including its root cause: consumer demand.
In the leading markets for illegal rhino horn, China and Viet Nam, we’re using social marketing techniques to dissuade consumers from wanting to buy horn in the first place, and gaining insights to help lock up criminals running the illicit trade.

We connect with people for urgent action
Throughout our work, we’re making the complex and controversial world of rhino conservation interesting, accessible and relevant to the general public. By working with the people we support and communicating within our networks and outside them, we’re improving awareness and understanding of rhino-related issues, and making an impact by creating a community of people passionate about rhino conservation.
To do all of these, we’re committed to improving the effectiveness of our work – and sharing our progress with you, our supporters, who enable it to happen.


Sumatran rhino calf Delilah at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (C) International Rhino Foundation

Rhino populations


  • White rhinos:
    • Northern white rhinos: two females in Kenya (Najin and Fatu)
    • Southern white rhinos: 17,212 – 18,915
  • Black rhinos: 5,366 – 5,627


  • Greater one-horned rhinos: 3,588
  • Javan rhinos: 72
  • Sumatran rhinos: <80


Rhino poaching statistics all of Africa 2018 (C) Save the Rhino International

Rhino poaching

Rhinos are poached for their horns, which have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. However more recently, rhino horns have come to be regarded as a status symbol, displaying an individual’s success and wealth; today, this is the prime driver of rhino poaching.
Internationally, the trade in rhino horn has been illegal since 1977, through the global organisation, CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species).
In some countries, particularly South Africa, there have been calls to legalise the international trade once again (South Africa’s domestic trade was re-opened in 2017).


Rhino poaching statistics South Africa 2019 (C) Save the Rhino International

How you can support rhino conservation

Supporters can get involved and help rhinos in many ways: donating, fundraising activities, becoming a member, developing corporate partnerships or volunteering with us. We are amazed by the passion of every single Save the Rhino supporter, you are hugely important to us – and to the rhinos!
Find out how you can join the rhino community by visiting our website:

Save the Rhino International is a charity registered in the UK. Charity number: 1035072

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