RHINO Scrap Book, 24 Pages

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This is where she discovered her taste for collecting.

Notes, keepsakes and images have a magical ability – not just to trigger memories, but to transport you to different times, places and experiences. With this large 13x9” Rhino Scrapbook, you can turn 24 plain blue pages into 24 moments in time safely stored on the premium paper they deserve.

All with a durable cover designed to keep your memories safe for years to come.

  • Premium paper ready to become home to all your most exciting moments
  • Capture the biggest events on big 13x9” (339 x 240mm approx.) sheets with plenty of room for whatever you’re sticking in
  • Create lasting memories with a premium scrapbook, quality paper, and a durable cover
  • Help Save the Rhino with our regular donations to the UK charity – over £80,000 since 2006
  • From the team at Rhino, the leading brand for education stationery

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