RHINO Science Book, A4, 64 pages, 8mm ruled with alternate 2:10:20 graph paper


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64 Pages

This is how he found he had a real chemistry with biology.

With 8mm feints and a margin on one side and 2:10:20 graph paper on alternate pages, this Rhino A4 Science Book is ideal for exploring the ideas and theories that make the world work. From scientific equations to notes, it’s all in one place on extra-strong premium 90gsm paper.

So a passion for science can come alive – and young, curious minds can get to work.

  • Formulas meet fresh ideas with both 2:10:20 graph paper and 8mm ruled with a margin sheets for written notes
  • Space? Yes, with A4 sheets (297 x 210mm approx.) and larger-format graph paper, you’ll have plenty
  • Learning that lasts – we’ve arranged a series of molecules into extra strong 90gsm paper
  • Help Save the Rhino with our regular donations to the UK charity – over £80,000 since 2006
  • 100% recyclable
  • Printed using solvent free, water based inks
  • Paper sourced from sustainable European forests
  • Made in EU

From the team at Rhino, the leading brand for education stationery

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