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Rhino have teamed up with Papermill Direct to bring you this huge goodie box of items perfect for home-schooling! From Exercise Books to Stationery, this box has you covered. Box Contents: 10 x Assorted A4 Rhino Exercise Books A4 Hardback Science Exercise Book Glue Stick Pack of 12 Blacklead Pencils Pack of 12 Assorted Colouring Pencils Metal Two-Hole Sharpener Helix Compact Maths Set Pack of 12 Assorted Wax Crayons Helix Early Learning Ruler Helix Clear Pencil Case Oxford Eraser Helix 30 cm Ruler Assorted Coloured Paper A4 80 gsm Assorted Coloured Card A4 160 gsm White Card A4 180 gsm Black Card 180 gsm Pack of 12 Edding Colourfine Pens A4 Portrait Sketchbook Rhino Luxury Notebook Rhino Refill Pad Rhino Kids Learn to Write Pad 1 Ream (500 Sheets) of A4 Ballet Copier Paper 80 gsm RRP: £101.74 Our Price: £39.99

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