Rhino Stationery And Save The Rhino Home Tutoring Resourses

Rhino Stationery And Save The Rhino Home Tutoring Resourses

2nd Jun 2020

We've teamed up with Save the Rhino to offer parents and children a selection of resources, fun activities, and facts to use when home tutoring.

Rhino Kids Activities

We recognise that parents have had to adapt and take on new roles during these recent times with home schooling being one of them. To help add a little fun to your day we’ve created lots of educational activities for you to enjoy at home with your little ones, from Rhino themed dot-to-dot exercises to creative animal face masks, and we’ve got you covered during lockdown. Click here to access Save The Rhino’s entertaining activities.

School Resources

Save the Rhino along with Frankfurt Zoological Society and ZSL have developed an Activity Booklet, with children in Zambia using this to learn about rhinos. The Teacher’s Conservation Guide contains plans for 20 lessons that are used by a conservation teacher to plan out a carefully prepared curriculum around environmental education tailored to the North Luangwa region. The Children’s activity booklet contains activities corresponding to the 20 lessons to be completed by the students.

Click here to access Save the Rhino’s School Resources or why not download the activity booklet and try some of the exercises when home schooling your children.

Save The Rhino Fun Facts

Conserving rhinos doesn’t just benefit the five species on our planet. Rhinos are ‘umbrella species’ - by protecting them, you protect lots of other plants and animals that share their home ranges, including other endangered species such as elephants, pangolins and tigers. Humans are responsible for the decline in rhino populations and for that reason alone it is our responsibility to save these species.

  • White and Black rhinos are actually the same colour! despite the names, both species of African rhino have a grey skin colour.
  • White rhinos are the second largest land mammal in the word! only elephants are bigger than white rhinos.
  • The name rhinoceros means 'nose horn' it comes from anicent Greek words: rhino (nose), ceros (horn)
  • Rhinos love plants! rhinos are herbivores (plant-eaters) and have to eat a lot each day to be full.

Fun Rhino Facts Poster Competition

Can your kids flex their creative muscles and design a poster for one of Save the Rhino’s fun rhino facts?

How to take part:

1: Choose one of Save the Rhino’s Fun Facts

2: Design a colourful, rhino-themed poster featuring your chosen fact

3: Share your posters with us on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #RhinoFunFact

Don’t forget to tag @RhinoStationery and @savetherhino on Twitter, or @rhinostationery and @savetherhinointernational on Instagram!

Save the Rhino will even pick some of their favourites to feature on their website!

If you don’t use Twitter or Instagram, you can send a picture of your entries to:

Take a look at the Fun Facts here

Send pictures of your entries to: 


Buying Rhino Saves Rhinos

Rhino Stationery has proudly worked together with Save The Rhino International to help protect these endangered species to survive and thrive in their natural habitat every purchase of Rhino Stationery helps contribute to Save The Rhino and since 2006 we have donated over £92,000!


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