4 Different types of learners

4 Different types of learners

Posted by Rhino Stationery on 16th Aug 2017

1) Visual Learner

Visual learners prefer to use images, pictures, colours and maps to organize information and communicate with others

Tactic: Give them charts and graphics, make sure your presentation is highly visual.

2) Auditory Learner

Auditory learners prefer to hear information.An Auditory learner depends on hearing and speaking as a main way of learning

Tactic: Give them information aloud. Ask questions and allow for them to answer.

3) Kinaesthetic Learner 

Kinaestheic learners prefer to be hands on and experimental. They learn best by doing.

Tactic: Give them hands on experiments and exercises that they can do. You can also allow them to write things down in order to remember.

4) Reading/Writing Learner 

A reading/writing learner prefers interacting with text. Reading/writing is more powerful to them than hearing or seeing images.

Tactic: Give these learners a chance to write down what they have learned. Handouts and quizzes are great for a reading/writing learner.

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