2018 - The Year of the Handmade Christmas Card

2018 - The Year of the Handmade Christmas Card

Posted by Rhino Stationery on 7th Dec 2018

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s important to get your seasonal activities ready for the children! From colouring sheets to paper chains, there is one tried and tested activity that stands out above the rest. You’ve guessed it - the handmade Christmas card! Usually covered in glitter, pom-poms and pipe cleaners, handmade Christmas cards are a staple of Christmas activities both at home and inside the classroom. But how can you make your Christmas cards stand out above the rest? Don’t worry about that, we’ve got you covered!

The Winter Hat Card

A great little design that’s easy to replicate and offers a lot of variety. Using one of the three templates we’ve provided, fold the paper in half so the template is on the front of the card and the children can choose their preferred style of hat and decorate it in their own way. This means that every hat is different and expresses the personality of each child. We recommend the following materials for that little extra Christmas magic - cotton wool, buttons, glitter and sequins. Alternatively, you can experiment and try a range of different materials to really make each card stand out!

The Reindeer Antler Card

Another classic Christmas card design is the Reindeer face with hands for antlers. This card really allows a level of personalisation that children love as it involves them including a drawing of their hands as part of the card, really making each card unique. Print the template of the Reindeer’s face that we’ve provided, fold the paper in half so the design is on the front of the card or cut it out and stick it to the front of a piece of folded card. Then for the antlers, get the children to draw around their hands to create the antler shape. Cut these out and glue them where the antlers should be and then let the children decorate them!

The Snowmen Card

The iconic symbol of winter, the snowman, is a great design to use for a handmade Christmas card! Simple to make, this design doesn’t even require a template! All the children have to do is stick down cotton pads inthe shape of a snowman on the front of their card and decorate the snowman in whatever way they’d like!

The Bauble Card

Just like the Winter Hat Card, the Bauble allows your children to make a handmade Christmas card without much difficulty. All you have to do is print out the template provided, fold the paper in half so the template is on the front of the card and give the children free creative reign to decorate their bauble however they want! We suggest using a range of materials to make each card unique!

Looking for more Christmas themed activities for your children or the classroom? Check out our Teacher Resources which is full of helpful worksheets that are FREE to download, including our Christmas Worksheets!


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